About AlpJon Albania

AlpJon Albania was established by a group of experts who used to work in development sector. They have extensive knowledge and experience in community development and economic sustainable development, focusing mainly on tourism and environment protection. For us, tourism is seen as a tool for bringing prosperity to rural and urban areas, in Albania. Our services covers mainly the mountainous areas of the country where the remoteness and the slow pace of development have influenced the preservation of the traditional way of living. Our staff knows, thoroughly the country nature and the diversity of the Albanian society. Thus, we can satisfy your requests and dreams about Albania, on how God built the beautiful nature of the country and how its people have transformed it passing the years...

What makes AlpJon Albania different is that we were created from the outset to arrange journeys that give visitors a true understanding of the country and at the same time generate direct and tangible benefits for local communities. Tourism is crucial for Albanian economy and affects the life of many local communities, directly. The founders decided to stay on to 'do something useful' and to open a new window to look into the “treasures” of Albania.  

Who we are- We are locally owned and operated and are trying to be an engine for sustainable economic development via tourism for the region. Our tour leaders are all local people who have been personally chosen and trained by us, and have been able to realize their potential and work towards a better future for themselves and their families.

What this means to you -You take a carefully-created journey which will enrich your visit with a true understanding of the country. The people you meet will receive direct and tangible benefits. It's as simple as that.