Berati is a “2,400 year old museum city” and it is part of the UNESCO’s world heritage list. Berati is built alongside Osumi River, and lies by the foot of Tomorri Mountain, considered in antiquity as a sacred place.  This is one of the most ancient cities in Albania with a history of 2,400 years old and is named as the “city of one thousand windows”. This city is described as a rare example of a well-preserved Ottoman city located in centre of Albania.  

While one comes nearer and nearer of the city, he is deeply impressed by the typical buildings on the slopes of the two hills, the stone paved roads, the walls and doors of the gardens. What impresses most the visitors in this ancient city is its castle still inhabited. The Castle of Berat had been built up on a rocky hill 260 m above sea level. Inside the castle there are many Byzantine churches; most of them are unique for the wall paintings, icons and the values they hold.  One of these churches is housing the “Onufri” National Iconographic Museum. Onufri was a famous Albanian painter in the 16th century.

Berati offers a very rich list of attractions. Visitors can choose to visit not only the ancient cultural places but also the restaurants of this city because they are well known for local traditional cuisine. Thus, after visiting Berat and tasting its culture and cuisine you will feel good in spirit and in body as well.

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