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Vlora is an old city founded in the VI century B.C, known by name Aulona.

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This city is located in front of the Karaburun peninsula and Sazan Island and is surrounded by beaches and rocky sand. Vlore is blessed with numerous natural beauties and it serves as a gateway to Albanian Riviera, where the best beaches are located such as Dhermi, Him

ara, Jali, Qepar, Borshi etc. 

From the historical point of view, Vlore is a very important city for Albanians. In this city was held the First Assembly, which declared the independence of Albania from the Ottoman ruling on 28 November 2012. There is a museum named the “Museum of Independence” to commemorate the day of in


dependence. The entire nation and especially the citizens of Vlore are very proud about their city and its role in the county’s history.

The lovers of nature would fall in love with Vlore because in this city and in its surroundings they could find many things. When someone goes for the first time over there, rightfully would think this is a piece of heaven. You have several sandy and gravel beaches, which are easy to see or are hidden in nice spots, warm and clean water, fantastic landscapes, flat land combined with beautiful hills, and above all a breath taking panorama in Qafa e LLogarase. It is not easy to describe what one feel when he is on the top of Llogara Park.  You have to be there in order to understand that feeling. It’s wonderful and you just want to close your eyes and fly.