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Have you ever been curious to know how do people used to live under a communist regime? Furthermore, do you want to see beautiful places and traditional families?  - Come explore with us. This tour is for people who enjoy hiking and also love wondering around in order to get a better insight of local culture. We will hike the pasture of Rabdisht and Kala e Dodes. If you explore these areas between June and September, there is a good chance you may come across a shepherd tending to their flock, as these months comprise the best grazing time in the highlands.Endless melodies of pipes and drums, symphonies of bells, and pleasant scents of mountainous flowers are really a marvel of life in Dibër’s pastures. If you have the desire and opportunity to spend a few days in these pastures, your lungs will thank you, as the fresh mountain air there will have treated them irreplaceably. After enjoying the days in remote areas, in this tour people will travel to well known cities in Albania, such as Shkodra, Kruja, Lezha and Tirana. Thus, within few days you can witnesses the variation and the diversity of the nature and culture in Albania. 


Day 1

Arrival in Tirana. At 18:00, meeting the tour guide at the hotel lobby. Then start by a quick sightseeing tour of the city starting from Scanderberg Square, Mosque of Et’hem Bey, the Watch Tower, “Deshmoret e Kombit” street and Bllok neighborhood. Dinner. Overnight in Tirana.

Day 2

Departure to Peshkopi. Travelling along the Mat river valley and Buffalo Neck valley. In Peshkopi a visit can be made to the hot springs that are visited and used by many people for its skin disease and rheumatic curing power. Talking with a group of women who spend their leisure time by preparing wool stockings. Walk in and around Peshkopi, e.g. on the hills and bunkers places. Overnight in Peshkopi.

Day 3

The travel starts from Peshkopi to Rabdisht, a very interesting village, called the village of stone roofs. Then group could visit a local family and have lunch there. Depending on the date a visit can be made to a local traditional wedding ceremony. In some cases this could be a very impressive event. Back to Peshkopi, spend overnight there. 

Day 4

After breakfast, travelling from Peshkopi to Muhurr and then to Sohodoll village to visit tower houses (called Kulla in Albanian). Lunch in a local family, which can tell you about the Kulla houses.  Depending of the season a visit can be made to local cheese farm and also spend few hours on the Drini riverside to get some sun. Overnight in Peshkopi. 

Day 5

After breakfast, we will visit the regional local market in Peshkopi. Every Sunday, many of the villages around Dibër trade their products in the agri-business market located in the Peshkopi Bazaar. It is really a weekly “fair,” where all dairy and seasonal agricultural products are sold. For those who are both adventurous and strong of stomach, the large warehouse on the outskirts of the agri-business market provides an excellent opportunity to purchase fresh, pasture-fed, free-range meat, or to at least catch a glimpse of the process. Close to the agricultural market lies the livestock market where local shepherds can be found selling live sheep, goats, and even the occasional horse, donkey, or cow. Dinner and overnight in Peshkopi

Day 6

This day we will travel to Kala e Dodes area and reach the village of Teja. This is a very traditional village at the foot of Korab mountain. Depending of the season a visit can be made to local feta cheese farm. Kala e Dodes is famous for its sheep farming and the cheese produced. We will stay overnight in a Kala e Dodes village (1,200 m). The pastures are at an altitude of starting at 1,700 m while the Korab is 2,751 m. On request mountain picnics can be organized by a farmer with horse. We will stay overnight in Kala e Dodes.

Day 7

This day we will leave Korabi mountain and Kala e Dodes and go down to Kukes and then pas Kosovo border and arrive to Prizren. This journey will take less then 2 hours. Spend the day in Prizren by visiting local museum, the city castle and some very old churches and mosques. Overnight in Kukes.

Day 8

After breakfast travel to the city of Lezha, an Illyrian settlement that flourished in the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine period. Visit to the Skanderbeg tomb, the cathedral of Saint Nicholas and at the hunting Lodge of Count Ciano, Mussolini’s son in law. After lunch travel to Shkoder. Visit to the Rozafa Castle over the lake of Shkodra – perched at more than 4,000 feet above sea level, the Catholic Church etc. Overnight in Shkoder.

Day 9

Travel to Kruja one of the biggest cities in northern Albania, known as hometown of Albanian’s National Hero Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg. Visit to the Castle, Skanderbeg Museum and Ethnographic Museum. Explore the old bazaar, which is one of Albania’s largest handicrafts market. This bazaar has operated since the 15th century. Overnight in Kruja.   

Day 10

After breakfast, the group will be transfer to the Tirana’s airport. End of tour. 

Availability and Price

Tour’s Code: COT (9 nights & 10 days)

Price: 715 Eur/person in twin room for minimum group’s size of 6 people. Groups with less people are welcome but the price will be different.

Single supplement: 90Eur


  • Accommodation: 8 nights hotel accommodation in twin room + 1 night accommodation in guesthouse (4-5 people/room)
  • Meals: 9 dinners + 5 lunches (day 3, 4 & 6 & 8, 9) + 9 breakfasts
  • Transfers as per itinerary (excluding the pick up airport transfer)
  • English speaking guide

Not included:

  • Airport transfer on day.1
  • Entrance fee
  • Drinks
  • Everything else which is not mentioned under INCLUDED

Dates for 2016:

  • 08 Jun - 17 Jun         22 Jun -  01 Jul
  • 06 Jul - 15 Jul            20 Jul - 29 Jul
  • 03 Aug - 12 Aug        17 Aug - 26 Aug
  • 31 Aug - 09 Sep         14 Sep - 23 Sep
  • 28 Sep - 07 Oct          12 Oct - 21 Oct

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